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Jan 13, 2019

Thanks for coming back to listen. I know that there are lots of other options for podcasts but you have chosen to give your time to The Autokwix Podcast.


My of subscribers - Eric Chesser - decided to do a live podcast about changing a truck Engine on this 2007 Silverado 1500 beast



“What's up everybody!


Welcome to a new podcast which is dedicated 100% to putting a new engine or maybe used engine in my 99 Chevy Silverado pickup truck.


For those of you who follow on social media me you know recently that my truck broke down the engine. That engine thing had like 240,000 miles on it I got my money's worth out of that pickup truck, but it was in great shape other than that. So I decided to put an engine in it and I've been debating on whether to buy a new engine is a lot more expensive or find used engine. So I put up a video on my Instagram page (by the way, if you guys aren't following me on instagram go check me out there). This is the first time I've ever dealt with it and that's exactly why I wanted to make this podcast because I figured if I'm going through this podcast could probably help somebody else who's probably going to do the same - change truck engine.


I'm going to a pick and pull type of business the owner contacted me and said he's got a nice engine already pulled ready to go and if I need it he'd sell it to me. So, I'm gonna go take a look at it and see how it is my destination is on the left it's called Utah Pic-a-part (website: utpap (dot) com)


Yeah, yeah... I know, I know... here we are Utah Pic-a-part this is up in Ogden Utah gotta meet up with a guy named Davey he is one who contacted me and when I go take a look at this engine and explain you guys see what we got here take a look engines galore these are all the 5.3 liter Chevy pickup engines this one is the pasta bill possible one I might pick up here it had less than a hundred thousand miles on it had what front end damage on it. And it was turned in by the way this is Dave and his family own and operate Pic-a-park your top pick a part right so this is their Ogden location this stuff is interesting to me.


I am NOT a mechanic whatsoever so this looks like a lot of work to me but apparently a lot of people buy these at least probably won't be here for very long so yeah this old pickup art business is pretty interesting I've been asking Dave a lot of questions we've been chatting about the place and the whole operation and how like something like this works it's crazy you crash your car and ends up in a tow truck or in a tow yard. And then your insurance claims that is totaled and what a lot of them end up somewhere like here.


Yeah these are $50,000 trucks a couple years ago mm-hmm they're a couple hundred dollar trucks laying in a junkyard. That's crazy! Whole row is a bunch of Chevy pickups GMS,  Silverado’s! What's crazy! Some of these cars that are considered considered total by the insurance company which has a lot to do with their mileage and how much it would cost to fix. They are in really good shape, like that one in the corner just got dropped off obviously.


If you, guys, need any parts for your vehicles I think we found the spot for you they probably have what you're looking for so it just so happens that the engine I need is like the one of very few that you ever even pull. I've got my truck back it's running strong I used it quite a bit throughout the hunting season and as I took it back to Dave just to kind of tune up a few small things he decided that, if I had time, I should bring it to him because he wanted to fix the grill, and, maybe, touch up a few things for me. So I gave him the green light told him I'd you know invested a little bit more money to fix the grill and the things that had busted in the past during a time that I had actually hit an owl on the highway to my knowledge.


I put new parts into it so I got a whole list of parts but I would say that I'm into this about 2,500 bucks and to me it's worth it because I absolutely love this truck.


I want to show you guys the new and improved version of my truck I'm gonna go pick it up tomorrow so I've got this podcast done I'm gonna upload it tonight launch.


Thanks to Dave for hooking it up on the engine!

Super great guy and I'm absolutely thankful for him and his family service to find me a good reliable engine and also Chris - his mechanic thank you for all your help. I just want to say thanks to everyone who helped me out”


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