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Jan 13, 2019

Episod #2 - The Truth About New Jeeps


Thanks for coming back to listen. I know that there are lots of other options for podcasts but you have chosen to give your time to The Autokwix Podcast.

Autokwix expert, Jim Comey from shawmotorsauto, today on the show. You have already read his artilcles on autokwix. Today he will tell you about Jeep and what he think about latest models.




Rub up your engines!

What do you think about the G 2015 or so? Jeeps are becoming trendy! Whould I get an automatic transmission? Well, personally I would not buy one.

Jeeps are made by Chrysler. Christ  bought by Fiat

Now a lot of people are really getting confused! You know as you say this is trendy, while people watch ads things become trendy, doesn't mean it makes any sense! Like those ads they have Renegade Jeep. Renegade Jeep isn't a Jeep it's a fancy four-wheel-drive Fiat 500. It's a  fancy four-wheel-drive Fiat. It has nothing to do with Jeep. It's just they decided to sell their stuff and call it a Jeep. And the quality of those things to little history lesson. Research Fiat and the problems they've had and you'd see Jeep.


I don't think I'm gonna buy a Fiat I mean I read recently that Fiats even contemplating not selling Fiats in the United States. They're not gonna get rid of the Chrysler Fiat merger. But, they're gonna stops they might be stopping selling Fiats because they have such low sales. That the slider men like they'll say well. Thiis is a Chrysler 200, as well it's got a Fiat engine, Fiat transmission, someone that Alfa Romeo engine, send them it's Italian stuff, it's not Chrysler at all.


So, you know I would not buy a modern-day Jeep. If you want a Jeep get an old one and it's been fixed up or fix it up yourself. Those old ones that had the straight six, I worked on a Grand Cherokee was a 86 still ran like a clock. Scottie, what do you think of the older TDI? Okay well TDI,  you know you're talking about turbo Diesel's yes it's a brand that's been making them for a long time, they're very reliable diesels are inherently reliable engines, if they're made right they're stronger made, because they have more compression. They don't have an ignition system so they're simpler but the one thing about diesels are is they don't have that much acceleration they have torque once they get going but not acceleration.


And that's why they turbocharged diesel engine. The first people that really mass producing that stuff was Mercedes with a 300D. The 300D was a big heavy car and it could go and last a long time but really slow with a 5-cylinder diesel engine.


Soon as they made them with turbos, they sold a lot more of them, because there's a lot more pickup. If they're well made, they can last a long time. Most diesel trucks these days the big ones are turbocharged they have to because they're pulling a lot of weight and that's the only way they can get accelerations by sticking turbochargers on.


And as long as this company that's made them for years, they can be very dependable vehicles.


Jackson McNichols my Ford Ranger shifts into fourth gear at about 2,000 RPM when all the other times it shifts at about 37. How can I fix that? Ok, well your transmission is just basically wearing. It should shift before 3,700 RPM into the other gears.Is's just old age now.


Tthe problem is it's a Ford and it's old. If you do change the filter and fluid now it can actually make it worse, so my advice would be take one 1/4 of transmission fluid out. Put in one 1/4 of automatic transmission additive and sometimes that'll make it shift normally through the whole range. But hey! It's still shifting! and if it's running okay - I wouldn't complain too much on something that's that all because eventually it would have to be rebuilt and that cost a lot of money, and if it's still working, and you might be able to get years out of a few babies. But do try taking 1/4 out and putting 1/5 of Lucas automatic transmission.


Be visual, if it's really all you'll see that the wires are copper and then they're coated with a plastic coating if the plastic coating if you bend it and it cracks and rips you're gonna have to replace all that worrying because it's just going bad.”

Read Jim Comey, Shawmotorsauto